Canvas Varnish Coating

Canvas Varnish Coating

Canvas Protection - Protect you canvas from damage with our protection layer.

Here at Online Framing India we highly recommend our canvas protection service. The process involves involves our production team spraying your canvas with two even layers of high quality giclee varnish. Unlike other canvas art retailers who paint the varnish onto the canvas using a brush or roller we have our own purpose built spray booth to coat the canvases using a high pressure spary gun system, similar to the ones used when spraying a car. This ensure a professional even coating with no paint runs or drip marks.

Customer are reminded that although your canvas will not fade or distort in colour, it is still subjected to damage or marking if not protected with our spray coating. Touching the surface of the canvas can leave oily hand marks especially on darker colours (e.g blacks and dark reds), and of course any areas of white are suseptable to getting marked. We highly recommend you choose to have your canvas sprayed, not only to protect it from marks and dust, but to give that satin sheen to the product which makes all of the colours in the print even more vibrant.



Are you hanging your canvas in an area where it is likely to get touched or dusty?

The protection service was orignally designed for clubs, pubs and restaurants owners who wanted to hang canvases in busy areas where customers of all kinds were likely to run there hands all over them, or accidently touch them as they walked past causing possible damage. Do remember your canvas is a delicate piece of art and should be handled with care.


Common causes of damage to your canvas

We've listed some of the most common causes of damage to canvases that have occurred in the past with customers who opted not to apply a protective coating below;

  • Scratching on the surface; "My young son decided to run his toy car all over the front of my canvas, how can I fix this?

  • Water damage; "My friend spilt their glass of wine and it splattered all over our canvas"

  • Dirt & Dust; "Over time a layer of dirt has collected on the top of my canvas, I tried to clean it with a damp cloth and now it is ruined"

The above shows some of the damage that has occurred in the past to our customers canvases who have not opted for the canvas coating.

Customers who do opt to have the protective layer can wipe down any marks from their canvas with the knowledge that they won't ruin it. 



Enhancement of Colours

Not only does the canvas protection layer protect your canvas it also enhances the colours of the print and makes them look more vibrant. Below is an example of two identical canvas prints, one has the spray coating and the other is left as it was printed.