Madhubani art holds a special position in Indian traditional art. It’s beautiful scenic compositions are calming to the soul. These popular motifs are often found in ethnic styled home décor. The famous Radha Krishna Madhubani paintings provide an artistic touch to office spaces, homes and restaurants.

Why should I buy Madhubani painting?

          The renowned Madhubani paintings provide a splash of colour to modern styled rooms. The intricate designs featuring natural elements of fish, birds, animals and trees are pleasing to the eyes. One thing about traditional madhubani painting is that you will never get bored of looking at it. The detailed artwork of Indian artisans is something you can study for hours on end.

Why should you buy Madhubani art paintings from us?

            The allure of these majestic pieces is the vibrant colours and the cultural depiction. Our genuine Madhubani paintings are of high quality and require minimum maintenance. Our extensive collection had our signature modern madhubani art and includes captivating ganesha madhubani painting which will enthrall your guests. Our exclusive collection is suitable for workplaces, homes, pool sides and hotel lobbies. Madhubani art is a staple of popular interior designers for introducing an ethnic vibe into the modern scenario. Madhubani art is made by hardworking Indian artisans and buying from us will be a way of supporting local art too. Indian art is gaining popularity world over for its vibrant colour palette. We recommend adding Madhubani art to blank walls as a statement piece.