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    Buy Paintings Online - Where Oil Paintings are Commissioned Treasures

    Oil paintings have adorned the walls of the chic, the wealthy, the new age, and the noble for centuries, and they continue to gain appeal over the years. The use of strong color, clean edges, still life subjects with heart and depth will never go out of style. Experienced artists spend decades refining their oil painting techniques. Together with a clear vision for your painting, our artists will create a stunning hand painted oil painting on canvas that will be cherished for generations to come.

    Decorative painting is the most common form of oil painting art although the new and improved techniques used in photo oil paintings and oil reproduction paintings are quickly bringing these fabulous wonders to the top of the list. There are no limits when warm color and canvas meet under the skillful hand of exceptional artists. The result is nothing short of mind blowing. Whether you're looking for oil painting reproductions of famous paintings, or a unique oil painting portrait from your photo, you're guaranteed to be thrilled with your masterpiece.

    Our oil portrait artists are not off-the-shelf painters. Every Portrait Kingdom oil artist is not only world class but has completed some of the most rigorous training in the art world. They will create for you some of the most impressive original oil paintings and custom oil paintings that you will ever see. Our process involves complete hand painted reproduction or original techniques. This eliminates that overdrawn and rough edged look that digital reproductions and digital assistance lends to an oil painting. Digital reproduction and digital portraits do not match the same rich texture and bold edged lines that a talented hand offers the canvas. In fact, while digital art has made a significant attempt to bring its quality up toward the hand painted level, there really is no comparison. When you pick up digital art, your eye immediately tells you that no matter how interesting the image may be, the artwork is most definitely and obviously a digital production. This look immediately takes away from the "soul" of the art.

    Oil paintings bring out the soul of the subjects and the meaning of that moment in time. Genuine high quality oil paint, as well as top art materials and art supplies craft that soul, not computers.

    Whether you are looking for a portrait artist or you are seeking to purchase art reproductions such as Van Gogh paintings, our painting gallery has one of the widest selections available to date, and you are sure to find impressive pieces of large wall art to the tiniest detailed portrait to enhance your home. You are making a statement when you hang beauty on your walls. There is no bigger statement than buying original oil paintings, displaying the works of famous painters, or commissioning custom oil portraits. Your statement is yours to make.

    You might find that you need the help of a facilitator who understands the statement you are trying to portray. That's where our oil artists shine. They can even help you with painting ideas of your own or selecting art for sale in our gallery. With Portrait Kingdom, reproduction art is a pleasant experience to purchase and own.

    As the largest retailer of online artwork, our painting gallery offers some of the most intrinsic and creative canvas oil paintings and oil painting from photos. Additionally, we have a huge selection of large paintings for sale. We offer all this at a pricing plan will surprise you at how affordable fine art paintings can be.

    Our online art gallery is extremely user friendly with a staff of helpful and knowledgeable portrait artists. Our canvas oil painting artists are here to assist you with all of your oil art needs. If a reproduction oil painting of the work of famous artists isn't quite what you're looking for, we also offer fabulous services to create your own personalized bold statement including a nude painting gallery, custom oil paintings, and photo oil painting services. These can brighten up your statement in your own way. Our online painting gallery offers you the largest choices in original artwork, pop art oil paintings, flower painting, landscape painting, abstract painting, oil painting reproduction and many more styles and movements.

    Portrait Kingdom now offer watercolor and acrylic paintings. Also, make sure to check out our homepage, where there is always a huge selection of canvas art for sale and custom fine art portraits for commissioning by our world class portrait artists.

    Your selection, your statement, and your investment in art are very personal to you. When you buy paintings from, you are dealing with personalized service, excellent treatment, and high class service at very affordable prices. We have made it a quick, easy and secure process to buy a painting online. We work tirelessly to bring your most desirable statements into your home, where they belong.