Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas Photo Prints

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Decorate Your Office with Canvas Pictures

The very first thing which you come across when you first enter your own or your friend’s office is its dressing. Mostly, the offices are dressed up with wall hangings, paintings, pictures , framed Canvas photos or some decoration pieces. They, no doubt, play an important role in beautifying your office and bring life into your office. But in the modern day era, the trends of decorating and dressing the offices are shifting towards Canvas  photo frames.

The greatest advantage of Canvas photo prints is that you can pick any picture of your own wish and will, and just print it on a canvas. It gives you freedom of thought and does not restrict your thought to some specific sceneries of nature or your life. You can put your imaginations and your thoughts on a Canvas. Canvas Painting gives new horizons and new limits to your imaginations and helps you put all your thoughts in front of everyone.

Flexibility is another advantage which a framed canvas photo has. No matter what the picture is, what size it is, what color it is, you can just make it and Frame it the way you want before it is printed. You can do it yourself or pay somebody to do it for you. Cheapness is yet another quality. You, at most of the times, would have to spend half the money you would spend on a normal wall hanging. So that means the people who cannot afford other paintings, or if they cannot find paintings of their own choice, they can and they must go for Canvas Paintings. The only worry about Canvas Picture is to worry about the selection of place on the wall where you have to hang them.

Uniqueness, beauty and features of Canvas Photos make them a stand out feature of your office. The visitor of your office would be greatly inspired, attracted and impressed by the beauty and aestheticism of your office. So don’t just waste your time and money by searching for cheap, unattractive, uninspiring and dull paper prints and instead just go for Canvas Pictures.

Decorate Your Home and Office with Photos on Canvas

A home or a place of business looking a little nicer, everyone wants that. There are a lot of different ways to improve the look and feel of the places we live and work. For example, you could get latest furniture, paint the walls or buy other decorations. Purchasing ofcanvas photosis the best value for money when it comes to decorations.

Canvas printed photos impose extra class and grace to any home or place of business. You can send of Blue Horizon Printing pictures of absolutely anything you like to canvas printing business, and their professional printers will convey your photos onto canvas. In view of the finished product, having this done is frequently outstanding value and will give your photos a painting-like look and feel.

Although some people are mistaken by believing that printingphotos on canvas does not create a good end result. The inks used in the printing process blend in to the canvas to create a genuine painting appearance. Actually, the photos are in fact painted onto the canvas. The process being done by computers rather than by hand is the only difference.

Canvas printing businesses will generally mount your products onto a wooden frame for you. The final product will result in having a pop-out appearance. Comparing to the flat photograph that you may have hanging on your living room wall, this will immediately make your photos emerge much classier than a typical.

The texture of the canvas itself would have to be the best quality of photos printed on canvas. Canvas has a rougher surface than your usual photo paper and even a photo of bad quality will be instantaneously altered into an artistic masterpiece. The texture of canvas prints does somewhat extra to your photos and composes them far better than they already are. You really can’t go past the exclusivity of canvas prints, whether it is a poster designed to motivate your office employees or a beautiful landscape shot to hang above your sofa.

An excellent advantage of photo canvas prints is the extra confidence increase that they can convey to your employees. While things will make an office look a little nicer such as new furniture, it is also considered a need for the workplace. Nevertheless, canvas prints are something extra and their high-quality appearance is certain to create an added sense of success in the workplace. Photos on canvas have an expressive feel that will put thoughts in your employee’s minds like, “stuff must be going great for the company to buy such a masterpiece.”

Photos on canvas are a great means to amaze your visitors although it is needless to inspire such confidence in your home. Your sense of style will be breathtaking to your friends and family and will have them believe that you are more than capable of successfully beautify a home.

Convert Your Ordinary Photographs into Extraordinary Canvas Art

Foremost, take a look through all your candid shots. Posed shots are great, except you want a picture that people will automatically ooh! And ahh! when they walk into your living room and see the picture to canvas on your wall. An extraordinary “moment in time” shot, such as the dog with his favorite chew toy or your kids playing on their jungle gym will bring new personality to your room. In spite of everything, anyone can have a posed picture of their family, but that particular shot is all yours!

Wedding picture taken of your parents or grandparents in sepia tone or black and white is another brilliant idea to use older photos. Printing these to canvas will put together your one-of-a-kind photo last for a century. Better yet, these original gift ideas compose incredible anniversary gifts.

Is your child particularly swollen with pride of a picture he or she took? An exciting art project for your maturing photographer is to take a desired picture and transform this into a photo on canvas. Some kids love to shoot pictures, and making their favorite into a memento will be a great conversation piece now and in the future.

Hobby pictures printed on canvas are also a splendid idea. Are you hooked on cars? Why not take a picture of yourself shining that Mustang you’ve been working on in the garage? Fly fishing? Someone who loves to ski would look great against the mountains with trees in the background on a photo to canvas. Just look for a picture that you love and it will become a souvenir. You’ll have a canvas that becomes more than just a snapshot.

Focus and eyes are the only two technical issues you’ll want to keep in mind while choosing which photograph to print. There is no way for to make your shot clear if your original picture is out of focus. Keep in mind, if your picture is fuzzy when it’s small, the fuzziness will enhance as the photo is blown up larger. So you’ll want to begin with a picture that’s clear. The other matter is eyes; there’s no way for the graphic artists to make your eyes open if they are shut in the photograph, and they will be closed on your canvas.

Style up your space elegantly with custom canvas prints

  • Easy and simple process. Just upload your image.
  • FREE touch-ups and digital proof in 24 hours.
  • Handcrafted by expert artisans on wooden stretcher.

Make your own Custom Canvas Prints

Create personalized canvas art using your best photo moments.

A canvas print is perfect if you are looking to elevate your personal space at home or the office.

Why Online Photo Framing?

  • Premium quality custom prints, made from your photos
  • FREE touch-up / enhancement of images and digital proof.
  • Gallery style stretched on 1.25″ wooden stretcher bars.
  • High-quality printing of pictures/art on best inkjet canvas
  • Robust, damage-free packaging

Personalize your Canvas Prints Online

Professionals craft the art into canvas infusing utmost passion. We ensure superior-grade prints owing our state-of-art printing technology and expertise of artisans. Our canvas prints are gallery-style on elegant stretcher mounts.

We tailor the prints as per the specific client requirement and deliver personalized photo canvas prints a clean and perfect finish. You can customize cheap canvas prints online without any glitches. Just your image, choose the desired frame size and you are good to go.

Tell your Story with Customized Canvas Prints

You can tell your story beautifully with our range of canvas prints like Photo to Canvas Prints, Single Panel Canvas, Multi Panel Canvas, Collage Canvas Prints, and Split Canvas Prints. Our array of canvas prints is available in different size options.

Preserve Your Memories On Canvas Prints

A person should always preserve his memories, and one of the best ways is to convert pictures in to canvas prints. When pictures are printed on paper they give very ordinary look but when they are printed on canvas they give a feel of a painting. The canvas prints not only decorate a room but also make it lively. So the overall look is artistic and very unique especially compared to prints by normal ink jet printers.

Decorating walls with canvas prints is a very unique look to a room as it is a very different approach to decoration. With advancement in technology, it has become possible to print pictures on paper at home but printing on canvas is not possible at home but these prints give a very different look. Canvas printing requires very sophisticated printers and high quality printers which makes the canvas prints valuable.

Canvas prints can be done in any size and even the frames are available in various sizes. As canvas prints of any size can be printed so they can be used for advertisement as banners, company boards etc. These canvas prints are very gorgeous and attractive to the eye and they have an artistic look which is very different from the old traditional photo prints. Most memorable pictures can be transferred onto a canvas to give new artistic look which is very fresh and appealing.

Canvas prints are taken on a high quality fiber material which results in a painting like look. After printing, the canvas is covered with a protective sheath so that the canvas print lasts longer. This sheath protects the print from dirt and damage and hence the memories are kept fresh for a longer period.

With technological revolution printing photo has become a very easy task and within an hour a print is ready. This new technology has also reduced the cost of canvas prints making it reasonable. With printing business at boom, more sophisticated technologies are being invented from time to time and all these machines result in different quality and looks.

Usually people get confused in giving gifts to other people, but now canvas gifts are the most preferable and unique gifts to be given. Canvas prints are the best way of decorating a wall; they are elegant and graceful and make a place lively. There are very few moments in a person’s life which are very memorable, but with hectic routine they tend to forget these precious moments, so canvassing this memory is the best way of keeping the memory fresh. Canvas print has a longer life with brighter colors and even the quality is way better than the old traditional prints.

Premium Quality Canvas

With high quality inkjet canvas, anti-fading ink, and latest printing equipment, we keep quality as our top-notch priority.

Gallery Wrapped

The prints are gallery-style wrapped on a 1.25" sturdy wooden stretcher and hand stretched by our artists. The finished product is classy, stylish, and shrink-resistant.

Ready to hang

We provide ready-to-hang canvas with required hanging hooks attached with your canvas print.


All canvas prints are well packaged in a sturdy box with special corner protection and wrapped with safety material to ensure damage-free delivery.


Shipping is free in India on all items.


If you have a multi-item order, each item may be shipped from the a different warehouse, depending on which one has them available the fastest. Alternatively, if an item is popular and on a bit of a back order, we might ship your items at different times, in different packages, to prevent holding up your order and to get it to you as fast as possible!


Orders are shipped out directly from any of our many domestic warehouses and they will do everything they can to get you your order as fast as they can.

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We print and pack your orders on demand within 2 – 3 business days. 



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The total turnaround time for your orders would range from 5 to 10 working days 

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Please submit a ticket within 6 months of shipment if the package does not arrive in time, our representative will get back to you within 24 hours. Note that overdue requests may not be accepted.


If the address provided by you for delivery is found to be incorrect by the courier personnel, and if an address correction is requested, you will be charged Rs. 140 + GST for correcting the address after the shipment has started travelling.

If the address provided by you is incorrect or incomplete, and the order is returned to origin, you will have to pay complete forward shipment charge to receive it again.



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The product itself is also excellent. Very high quality. I would not hesitate to use this company again and again.

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Best Experience, High Quality, Good Service, Go for it.

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