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    So you're getting ready to cover some windows, maybe replacing some curtains or revitalizing a room with a brand new look. There are so many choices out there in the marketplace and so many different styles, that when it comes to window shades and blinds this quick explanation should make shopping a tad easier. Let's begin...

    Roller shades are basically a piece of fabric or vinyl that, when you pull the cord, travels around a tube to lift and lower. It's an inexpensive choice and this type of shade can be easily cut to fit any window.

    Horizontal Blinds are slats of vinyl, aluminum or wood and besides going up and down, the slats can be rotated to change the amount of light and/or air allowed in the room. These win as most versatile in the window shades and blinds category. They are also easy to have cut down to size at the store.

    Vertical Blinds are large vertical strips of vinyl or fabric and are usually used for larger windows and glass door areas as a smart alternative to heavy drapes.

    Roman Shades are either pleated or flat and as they raise, the fabric creates attractive horizontal folds. It's a very stylish way to cover your windows - usually more ornate than other types of window shades and blinds and are often embellished with contrasting trims.

    Cellular shades (aka Honeycomb shades) are a more fashion forward version of the horizontal blind, though they are made as one piece so when closed, air cannot travel through. They're made from fabric or paper and though they look great and work well at insulating, they are admittedly hard to clean.

    Solar shades are made to diffuse a room's light and UV rays. They also decrease glare on screens, both computer and television. Very useful shades for family and office areas in particular.

    We hope this guide offers clarity to the potentially confusing subject of window shades and blinds, and that whatever you ultimately choose for your windows will indeed become the perfect new addition to your home.