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I have spent years and indeed decades researching about the windows and how they can function properly in terms of shading you from excessive heat and light. Even in my college days I was more occupied in the physics laboratory, more so than the others. My sole aim was to understand the ergonometric relation between the effect of an open window and its effect on the human body that has endured prolonged unabated exposure to the merciless sun or the chilly winds. I discovered the utility of the window blinds early on during my childhood. I remember my grandma urging me to close all the windows in the harsh winters of Saskatchewan where I would come over every time during my winter holidays.

I would lie resting in my grandma's rocking chair after lunch in the evenings, with a Dictionary of Physics in one hand and oranges from the orchard in the other. I remember quite clearly how the chilly winds would take a toll on me and I would spend the nights with my feet in a tub of hot water and sipping a cup of hot pork stew before going off to sleep. There were window blinds for sure in my grandma's place but as I would later realize after years of research, there wasn't the one crucial type of window blinds which is sure to save you from cough and cold! Yes I am talking about the sturdy cellular window blinds.


Cellular window blinds, also known as cellular blinds, cellular shades or cordless cellular blinds are one of the most effective among the window blinds. Cellular window blinds or cellular shades are further known as honeycomb shades because of their layered pattern. Cellular window blinds are similar to the pleated blinds/shades. The difference is that there are two or more than two layers joined together to form neat compartments. In effect it traps the air arrestingly and provides insulation. The cellular window blinds are noted to be very energy conscious compared to the other types of window blinds. For greater scope of insulation the cellular window blinds are also constructed in double or triple cell styles. The key idea behind its making is that the higher number of cells results in greater energy efficiency. The heat transfer is much better regulated by the cellular window blinds as a result and thereby protects you from over exposure which can in turn harm your health.

I remember my days with grandma very fondly but I'm glad I can confidently state the utilities of the cellular window blinds better than most others because of my inborn inquisitiveness and curiosity.

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