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wood blinds for windows

Have you ever given extra-attention to the widows of your home? To prevent the entry of sun rays and dust in your house, you cover your widows with blinds. You know blinds are necessary to fit in the windows but you can set the trend by going for royal wood window blinds.

For your basic information, let me tell you that a window blind is a device that fits within the width of the windows and reduces entry of sun rays and light in the room. Every window blind must have some features. For instance, it is strong enough to stop the rain drops coming inside the room. It should provide a shady atmosphere in the room. Window blind should give privacy to the house members. And the last but not the least is it should be in the perfect match to your interior decoration. Wood widow blinds perform each of the above mentioned function with great elegance and trend.


Depending upon the bind structure, the available wood window blinds can be classified in the wide variety. First, we discuss about the Venetian wooden window blinds. Its blinds are the composition of several slatted blinds made up of wood. It is known as the Venetian because it was first introduced in Venice, Italy.

Second in the list is the mini wood window blind. As the name itself suggest, it is composed of the narrow slats. Similarly, micro wood window blinds are available with very tiny slats. Now-a-days, people are more attracted towards the antique and ethical look in the decorative pieces. Companies seize the nerve of today's fashion and are manufacturing fabulous carvings and designs on the wood window blinds.

Wood window blinds are little more costly than other window blinds. That is why; faux wood window blinds are also gaining attention of the window blinds purchasers. Faux wood is the combination of vinyl and real wood. Unlike real wood window blinds, faux wood window blinds come in a number of color combinations. Apart from this, they have some major advantages over wooden window blinds. Firstly, they are much cheaper than the real wood blinds. And secondly they are well equipped to resist the moisture. Wood window blinds can create problem for you in the rainy seasons. It might be possible that they damage the sleek carvings of the blinds. With faux wood window blinds, you will never have to face moisture related problem. Along with this, they are too easy to clean up.

So, either you go for the real wood window blinds or decorate your windows with faux window blinds, you will surely get magnificent designs in both of them.

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