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A floating picture frame does more than simply protect the photo from the surrounding environment that may ruin it. It provides an elegance not found in other picture frames. The floating picture frame should be able to enhance and provide a look to the photo being encased in it. Also, framing allows the creation of a new art form by combining the floating picture  frame with the photo and with the borders. However, a photo frame should not only provide protection to the photo but should also enhance the appearance and the presentation of the photo or artwork you want to display. The framing method also becomes more appealing to the visual sense when combined with the floating picture  frame which creates a floating effect to the picture.

Wood, especially the dark sequoia or redwoods, have been used in the past for the purpose of framing and presentation of artworks. In the medieval era, woods are being carved into detailed ornamental borders which accentuate the elegance of paintings or portraits of prominent people and officials. This is also the trend with the bloodline of the royal families. The wood floating picture frame has been tested for the efficiency and effectiveness of the protection they can provide. They were also used as the first materials before even metals and concretes (cement) were discovered. The natural color of woods and the complexity of the arrangement of their cells add to the intricate design of the frames. Furthermore, the woods do contain natural compounds that provide natural protection against bacterial, fungal and other elements, sustaining its natural look so as with the status of the artwork or photo being framed.

Modern framing techniques, as described earlier, become more elegant when used with woods. The floating picture frame combines the elegance being given by the wooden frame and the dramatic effect being created by the floating look. When combined, they create a complementing, simple and eye-catching presentation of photos and art works, yet elegant and very dramatic. The wooden floating  picture frame is a conventional way of framing and presentation. It will surely allow not only the complementing of the picture with the borders but also would give life to the walls where you will place them. In addition, because woods are very flexible, they can be modified according to the need and the look that you want. Wooden frames also never get out of style. The elegance of wooden designs is very much adaptable to any season or holiday celebrations. They are also flexible in terms of what material can be used with them. They would complement with formal, scenery or picturesque photos.

The creating of the floating  picture frame will certainly create a more elegant and creative way of presenting and preserving artworks and pictures. This will surely be an exciting and interesting venture you can have for your home, office or exhibits. Their flexibility and adaptability will surely save your money, effort and stretch your creative side.

Characteristics Of A Floating Picture Frame

Pictures and photos are a reflection and repository of the memorable events that happened in a persons life. A floating picture frame  provides a dramatic effect not normally found in regular picture frames. Thus, displaying it allows one person to reminisce those happy and historic moments, and also allows other people to take part in that little piece of yesterday that has been recorded in the picture. In this aspect, photo frames and albums play an important role. These materials give protection to the pictures while being displayed or viewed. Because pictures being displayed are as precious as memories, they should also be given the proper and appropriate packaging for display which will enhance the value of the picture.

Traditionally, a floating picture frame contains a pane glass or a clear plastic covering which is the intermediate between the photo and the outside environment. This is enclosed in a wooden, metallic or plastic frame, which should be sealed to avoid entry of moisture that would ruin the picture. Photo frames are said to be critical in enhancing the appearance of the photo. However, most of the traditional frames are only two dimensional; meaning the picture is only given a length and width emphasis but no depth and texture. In this regard, contemporary floating picture frame is designed to give a dramatic effect to the picture while being hanged on the wall.

This floating picture frame will surely allow a picture to stand out from a corner and be an eye capturing piece of material that will surely look at and enjoy. This type of picture frame sandwiches two panels (e.g. acrylic) which are spaced apart from a colored acrylic on panel with contrasting color such as black which then creates a floating effect. The space created in between the clear pane glass above and the contrasting and enhancing colored background yield a dimension of depth which contributes to the dimensions of the picture and thereby creating a floating effect for the photo. This allows the emphasis on the photos because it seems to float in between the glass panels, likened to a highlighter when used in highlighting texts in a book. The picture becomes stunning and a graphic art display is created. The picture then becomes not only a piece of colored paper but a dignified, artistic and historic piece of dramatic scene or memory. This is also a unique way of presenting artworks in your home.

The floating picture frame or photo frames (either wooden, glass or metallic) will complement the interior designs of your home and would contribute to the elegance of the naked and barren walls. This creates a “gallery-look” inside your home, giving an astonishing, impressive and elegant look to your precious pieces of memories. These frames can also be modified according to the look and style that you want. Also, the floating picture frame is an exciting way of framing because it can stand out on its own which is also flexible and adaptable wherever and whatever you place it.

What Is A Floating Picture Frame?

In framing photos or pictures, it is not only the protection that it provides that is important. It is also quality and the enhancement of the picture or the photo that should be considered – A Glass floating Picture frame provides this enhancement. Frames are like crowning glories of photographs and art materials. Even how beautiful, intricate and nice these materials are, but if their ramingare not that good, they will just sink in and become worthless. Also, most of these picture or artworks are priceless, thus, a proper and appropriate presentation of them should be done.

A number of considerations have to be taken in choosing the right photo frame for your piece of work or memory. These include the size, color, dimensions, and the matte. The borders, their color and design are significant in enhancing or ruining the beauty of your material. The problem with a floating picture frame, is that, they sometimes become more eye-catching than the picture, which creates a problem in attention capturing. Also, there are pictures or pieces of art material that we want to frame which do not really need borders. And when borders are not appropriately chosen, the pictures become unnoticeable and unpleasing to the visual sense.

Furthermore, some pictures need a three dimensional view in order to have the full picture of it. In these cases, the use of glasses and a floating effect come into play. Glass panes are very flexible and easy to be set-up especially in use for framing. One advantage of using glass is it adapts to any material that you will frame in it. It also adds elegance to artwork and provides an excellent protection to the picture.

Because photos that are displayed are very much prone to damages, by touching breathing on them and others, they should be thoroughly protected without compromising the displaying quality of the material. The glass fully protects the material but also fully covers them, thus protecting and keeping it safely. Also, glasses are not prone to hazing, degradation, insect infestation, moisture absorption as long as they are kept hanging in the wall.

The benefits of using glass become better and more beneficial when combined it with a floating picture frame. In this modern framing method, both the panes (front and backdrop which sandwich the picture) are made of glass but are separated by small panels. The picture inside the frames is given depth as the third dimension thus enhancing their visual impact. In addition, floating glass frames or a glass floating  picture frame is  a way of giving dignity to a piece of picture or artwork. These methods are commonly used in art exhibits and museums because in this way, frames are complementary to the picture and/or the artwork. Also, in this way, you are concentrating the attention of the observer to the picture or artwork and to the picture frame. Thus, floating  picture frame is an exciting alternative to picture frames.


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