Colour Pencil Sketch

Colour Pencil Sketch

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    • hand painted Pencil Colour artwork.
    • 100% satisfaction ensured.
    • Artwork will be customized according to your instructions and will be sent for approval before finalizing.
    • Softcopy: It takes 5 to 7 working days to complete the painting
    • Softcopy will be sent through Email in High Quality JPEG or PNG Format.
    • Rolled and Framed canvas: It takes 5 to 7 working days for the Artwork preview
    • Once the Artwork is Approved production process will take 3 to 5 working days
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Colour Sketch Portraits Illuminate

Best Features Shine With Portrait Sketches

Color Pencil Sketches from photos is a skill uses their artistic talents, and so do I! It’s just something that’s unique, which makes it special, and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, or an arm and two hands.

Color Sketch portraits are a work of art. Requiring outside the box thinking, passionate artistic skills, and a marriage made in heaven with the sketch tool. Pencil sketches allow the artist to add meaning and character to the chosen photograph. Magically transforming a photograph into a masterful work of art.

Check out the magic with . Specialists in portrait sketches that literally steal your breath away. Just ask for Drew and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

The best gift for your loved ones...

Colour Pencil portrait with you and your lover...

Colour Pencil portrait with your family...

Pencil portrait with your best friend...

Pencil portrait for your life-time memory....

If you have a favorite Photograph of a Loved One, You will Adore a Portrait drawn from it. Pencil Portraits make Unique, Treasured and Timeless Gifts.

a Birthday
an Anniversary
at New Year, Easter or Christmas
a Graduation
a Christening
a Wedding
any landmark occasion


Great Value – Beautiful Results

Pencil Drawings Specialty

If you’re looking to figure out the cost for portrait drawing you create, there are oodles of factors to consider. Things like experience, quality, size, number of subjects, and time frame, are all critical in crunching your numbers. charges exceptionally reasonable prices for the portrait drawing quality delivered, and I’ll vouch for that personally!

Let’s dig a touch deeper…


May people look to portrait draw as a hobby. They just want to dibble and dabble in it a little bit, more for enjoyment than anything else. If this describes you, there’s no justification for more than a few bucks for your work.

However if this is your passion and you’ve got loads of experience, then you need to factor this into your pricing.

When you buy a pair of pants you take into consideration the quality of them. Same thing goes with elite portrait drawings. Texture, attention to detail, overall delivery, frame quality, and paper, these are all factors to ponder. The higher the quality, the more you can charge.

Pricing depends on what technique you’re using. Are you using pencil, colored pencils, charcoal, markers, pastels, pain, ink, or some other medium? Makes sense the more difficult your technique, the more jacked up the price.

Size and Number
Makes sense that if you’re sketching a gynormous portrait, the final bill of sale will equate to more than a teeny weeny one, with the same detail. Bulk deals work too. If someone orders 3 instead of just 1, in most cases they’ll get a discount rate.

Subject Number
The number of subjects in the sketch portrait matters. It’s harder to work with 5 subjects compared to just 1. Make sure your numbers reflect this.

Time Frame
This works the same in pretty much any business. If someone wants their fantabulous portrait faster, charge them for it!

This is another one of those niche online businesses that isn’t industry regulated. You’ve sort of got to feel your way through the process and figure it out for you. Have a look at 3 or 4 other successful portrait drawing businesses and mimic them. I don’t mean copy them but rather search for what works internally, particularly with pricing, and make yourself competitive while you find your special. Get established and push your pricing up from there.


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If the address provided by you is incorrect or incomplete, and the order is returned to origin, you will have to pay complete forward shipment charge to receive it again.



Very nice experience. Got our family portrait printing and framed. Got it within 4 days of order as required. Staff support was also very good.

South Ex , Delhi

I ordered remotely from the U.K. Right from the start the service was excellent.
The product itself is also excellent. Very high quality. I would not hesitate to use this company again and again.

David Owsnett

Canvas Quality is Very High. Services also good

Shivam Maurya
Sainik Farm, Delhi

Best Experience, High Quality, Good Service, Go for it.

vishnu gupta
Bihar , India
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