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    We all know how popular Lord ganesha is among people. Whether kids, adults or old, everyone adore ganesha in one form or another. Moreover, the deity is known all throughout the world. And, because of this, various artists come up with unique and stunning designs in Lord Ganesha Painting. A Hindu deity, Lord Ganesha is worshiped to remove obstacles and bless people with good fortune. Lord Ganpati has numerous devotees all over the world. He is also worshipped in temples during a number of festivals.

    Lord Ganpati painting has a unique spiritual and divine essence to them besides serving as thought-provoking and beautiful wall décor for your home or office.

    Therefore, if you believe that you are one of Lord Ganesha's devotees, you can purchase a Lord Ganesha canvas painting to enhance your home decor.

    As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is the god of success, wisdom, and good luck and is believed to have the ability to protect his followers against the evil eye or any negative energy. Many also believe that he is a brilliant Hindu god and can grant favours to students and academicians. Therefore, Lord Ganesha Paintings can often be seen at the meeting place of three roads to keep any unwanted energy at bay.

    The painting collection at Online Framing offers a wide variety of lord Ganesha paintings to you. They depict the majestic and divine elephant god in many poses, forms, and settings on the canvas. From Lord Ganesha shown sitting with a halo around his head to a closeup of his face in warm light, we have all creative Ganesha paintings for you.

    Why should you buy Ganesha paintings?

    The practice of Vastu recommends that religious and spiritual paintings such as those of Lord Ganesha can be placed in hallways, the meditation or prayer room, and pretty much any place other that isn't close to a washroom or the bedroom. However, even if you want to place one in your bedroom, it is advised that you do not put it where your feet will face the painting. You can also place fountains, lights, and vases close to these paintings to further brighten your favourite Ganesh Ji painting.

    Our Ganpati abstract paintings are shipped after being rolled into a secure bubble wrap. So, you can frame them as you please and hang them wherever convenient. 

    Just make sure to clean the painting by gently wiping it with a clean, damp cloth every so often.

    So, whether you want a Ganesha Madhubani painting or any other, these holy scriptures are filled with inspiring, thought-provoking and amazing stories of Ganesh Ji, the pot-bellied and elephant-headed son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Ganesha paintings have a positive effect on the energy of a place. Their beauty and mysticism captivate one and all. Many serious painting collectors even consider them priceless additions to their collections. So, go through our amazing collection and have your best pick of the deity and enhance the vibe of your house.